By: Kaitlyn Kennedy

Uruguay used to be South America's best kept-secret but now it has a little over 3.4 million people for their population.

The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo, some languages that are spoke are Portuguese, Italian, English, and Standard German. In Uruguay their currency is pesos (UYU), two countries that neighbor Uruguay are Argentina and Brasil.

Famous Places

A famous place that is visited in Uruguay is the Casapueblo, the Casapueblo is a very nice and well known hotel(house). There is a museum and restaurant located in the Casapueblo that everyone seems to enjoy.

Another famous place that a lot of people visit is the Mano de Punta del Este, a sculpture that represents 5 human fingers partially emerging the sand.

A third and final place that a lot of people seem to love to see is the National Museum of Visual Arts. In the museum they have the largest collection of Uruguayan artists work.

Local Expressions

Some local expressions that Uruguay uses, "!que emobole!" which means, "what a pain!, what a bummer!". Another very well used expression is, "a la marchanta" which means, "whatever it takes, without care". They also use, "atorrantear" which means, "to laze around".


Uruguay has a pretty big selection of foods/drinks. They do have have a couple of popular foods though, for example they have Chivito which is a sandwich containing steak, ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise. They also have Pascualina which is a type of pie filled with spinach and egg. A popular drink that Uruguay has is Grappamiel, a drink made of alcohol and honey.

Climate and Geography

Uruguay is mostly composed of plains and small hill ranges split by rivers and basins. The weather is with warm to hot summers, in the winter it can be cold although it rarely goes below 0 degrees (celcius) and it rarely snows. Weather changes can be unexpected since there are no mountains to shield from winds.

Uruguay News!

Soccer (futbol) is a very popular sport in Uruguay but when a player bites a person on the opposite team the topic becomes even more popular! Luis Suarez has had three incidents of him biting an opponent's shoulder, but he did it once during a world cup match. People are actually starting to call him Luis "Cannibal" Suarez because he has not only bit someone once but three times! He has been already been suspended for the first two bites but when he bites a person the third time he gets suspended for the next 10 games.

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