What is the disease and some basic facts?

     -rare tumor of the alpha cells of the pancreas that results in the overproduction of the hormone glucagon

What hormones, organs,or glands does it affect and how? (e.g decreased hormone production; increased size).

     - The pancreas

What are the signed and/or symptoms of this disease?

     - high blood sugar, excessive thirst and hunger, inflamed mouth and tongue, cracking corners of mouth, diarrhea, skin rash, weight loss, and depression

What causes your condition ? Congenital? Acquired ? Act of God?

     -there are no direct causes to the disease. You can be born with it or develop it.

How is this condition treated and what is the success rate of treatment ? The success rate depends on if they can get the timer out or not

     - the administration of  octreotide, a somatostatin analog which inhibits the release of glucagon

Where did you get your information?


You should prove at least two clearly relevant pictures?


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