Exploration Proposal

For King James 4th

I will leave to explore in 1567 to find the riches that the new location will behold Your Royalty in which I will need money for this trip.....

I will travel to the western part of the north America's where it won't be recently explored and if anyone tries to get in my way the they will be punished and overtaken your Noble Steed.

There are other countries that will attempt to explore as we will but will not and could not stand up to us.

Now there are others that are living in the north America's and by my knowledge we could make treaties and if they don't agree then we will enslave them.

There is nothing to worry about because there "aren't any sea monsters or pirates" so we should be fine.

This is the ship that we will be riding to the north America's so it will come back in one piece.

The arrow in on the map is where I will explore.

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