Personal Profile

What does fashion mean to me?

Fashion is a way to express your identity, and even giving people that don't know you a little peak at your personality. Comfort,value,design are all the most important things to me when it comes to fashion.

My Fashion Style: Casual but sometimes hipster

My everyday go to casual look consist of  sweatpants, sweaters, and shoes, but it varies based on the weather.

Now sometimes I like to wear hipster outfits such as high waisted shorts, crop tops,plaid shirt, and some vintage tees.

Three Things That Inspire Me

  1. Shay Mitchell the actress on the hit series Pretty Little Liars inspires me because, not only is she a fellow Canadian, but also she seems like a very laid back women, and her style sense is very on point.

2. The Weeknd another fellow Canadian, inspires me with his music and how deep his lyrics are. I feel like I can connect with the lyrics just not PERSONALLY. 

3. Michonne is a main character on a show called The Walking Dead. She inspires me by how confident and independent that she is. I wish I could have the same level of confidence as she does.

I Think I Am: A Fashion Opinion Leader

I think that I am a fashion opinion leader because, I like to do my own thing (style wise) I choose what I feel comfortable in wearing and also I choose to wear bold things like a variety of prints and patterns.

My Clothes Say:

My clothes say that I'm a relaxed, comfortable and a chill person.

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