My High School Achievements

by Beverly King

UIL Literary Criticism

In Literary Criticism, I read classic novels, plays, and poetry. I also learned many literary terms through Lit Crit. I participated in Lit Crit for three years: sophomore, junior, and senior. In my sophomore year, I advanced to the regional competition.

Interact Club

I participated in Interact Club all four years of high school. Interact gave me the opportunity to give back to my community and thank the Rotary Club for my scholarship! I volunteered for a variety of events throughout high school.

National Honor Society


I was inducted into NHS my sophomore year. It's a great honor. NHS is all about character, scholarship, leadership, and service. I have worked hard to meet all those standards throughout high school.


In my senior year, I took ACT Prep in order to make a good score on the ACT. It was a hard class at times, but it paid off. I made a 28 on the ACT.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders of Tomorrow gave me many opportunities to appreciate the culture and history of Mount Vernon. It also helped me build my leadership skills by providing workshops on public speaking.

What's Next?

I worked very hard in high school and accomplished many goals. Through my hard work, I earned a full ride scholarship to Northeast Texas Community College. Next stop, NTCC!

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2 years ago

Do not forget your awesome presence in Book Club.