The Great Clownfish

witten by: John Pham

How I Look

Hi let me introduction myself clownfish is the type and Clown is the name. I have orange all over my body with 3 white stripe on my body. I have 28 other like me. But they all have different color than me though. But still have 3 white stripe on them. I'm small if you don't know. I'm 2 to 5 inches long and I have a slimy mucus coating on me.

I have a orange skin with 3 white stripe

Where I Live

I live in sheltered reef or in shallow lagoons. The part of the ocean in the world I live at is the eastern part of Asia (but not in Caribbean). I also importantly live in a sea anemone that have look like tentacles. Sea anemones comes in different colors like white, blue, and more. I also live at the bottom of the sea.

Sea anemone a home to clownfish

Enemies of My

I have enemies like other fish right? Well I do and here are some of them: stingrays, larger bony fish chalk, and also sharks among others. On yeah I forgot YOU, too! But they only catch us for pets for YOU people. I am going to tell you that female clownfish lay 100 to 1,000 eggs. Some predators eat our clownfish eggs.

Great White Shark are a predator to clownfish

Our Diet

I feed on algae, crustaceans,and molluscs. I am also an omnivore. Which means I eat meat and  vegetables. And that is all for you folks.