Wheelchairs For Kids – The Basic Aspects You Should Consider Before Buying One

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, there are many ways in which you would wish to make the life of your kid better and easier. Wheelchairs for kids are of course, the most recommended format in which you can provider for some degree of independence to your child, at least in terms of mobility and transportation. But most parents out there make the mistake of buying just about any model. The market offers specially designed wheelchairs for kids – models recommended by most paediatricians and doctors around the world. You should definitely consider buying these over other types available out there.

Wheelchairs for kids are better because they have certain features that are meant to assist children which might not, otherwise, be available in normal wheelchairs. Let us look at some of these factors more closely.

Wheelchairs for kids are specially designed for younger users who often are in need of more assistance and control over the mobility tool than adults.

You might argue that many children prefer using a power wheelchair and that the machine in itself is easier to operate than the rest but there are some aspects you should definitely look into here. A power wheelchair may be too heavy especially if you will be transporting both your child and the wheelchair to a different location. Buying a power wheelchair should not be your top priority here. Instead, you should consider going for a lightweight model with detachable hardware that can be used when the need for power transportation is felt.

The next aspect to look at is usability. Normal wheelchairs do not provide much assistance to younger children who often find it extremely difficult to operate a large and bulky model. This hampers their self confidence and harbours a sense of dependence on others. But wheelchairs for kids are designed in accordance with the size and usability factors pertaining to children and are therefore much easier to use.

Size is another important consideration here. Parents often site issues relating to the growth of their child and how the kid’s wheelchair will eventually be too small for him/her to use some day. But there are many models out there that are designed to accommodate the growing needs of your child. They can easily be scaled to fit your child’s requirements.

Comfort is another aspect where wheelchairs for kids win over the other normal types in the market. The cushions are typically not too hard or too soft for extended use. Your child will be much happier using one that has been designed to cater to the comfort needs of his/her little body. The cushion placement, arm rests, foot platforms and sitting posture will all be perfect for the use of a little individual.

Understand that expensive doesn’t always mean the best and to help your child deal with his mobility requirements, you should buy them a wheelchair that is meant to be used by someone their age and size. You can find the best wheelchairs for kids on CustomWheelchairsUSA.com.

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Kimberley DeKay is an expert in rehabilitation and therapeutic treatments for children and adults with special needs. She likes to write many interesting articles and blogs, helping parents and caregivers in finding the best solutions to provide the necessary support to their wards. She recommends CustomWheelchairsUSA.com for the highest quality adaptive strollers, specialty wheelchairs and more.

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