Communism is the when all property is publicly owned by the people. This idea was first introduced with Karl Marx in the 20th century.

Karl Marx

Karl Max was a socialist when the Industrial revolution was occurring . The industrial revolution changed the class structures of society. Marx saw the low classes struggle such as the proletariats and the middle class which was bourgeoisie. Marx believed that the proletariats would grow and overthrow the bourgeoisie , this would lead to a revolution . The proletairaits would go for good work and labor. This idea lead to the birth of communism. Marx believed that the revolution would start naturally and not be caused by anyone, he believed that the revolution would end witha dictor and a dictatorship and everyone with the same power.

Vladimir Lenin

Lenin was a leader of the radical party and was a communists and was for the communists ideas. He contributed to Marx's ideas about communists. Lenin began with his communists ideas when his brother was killed by the Czars.Lenin was the founder of the Russian Communist Party , Lenin led the Bolshevik Revolution . Lenin believed that the peasants would need to be pushed off or be given a boost of anger for them to start a revolution . He believed that the revolution would end with everyone with power and a say but one main person would have the most power . His ideas were similar to Marx's ideas both believed that lower class would lead the revolution , both believed that through out history is has been a struggle of rich vs. poor. Also that is was capitalism vs. proletariats.

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong was leader of the communist party , he led the cultural revolution. he was for Lenin's ideas of communism and he believed that the farming peasants would lead the revolution. Zedong said that communism can only happen in rural countries. Later he led the cultural revolution , he led it with the youth zedong believed that in order for communism to begin that the old ways had to be destroyed and the only way to destroy the old ways were for the youth to take down the intellectuals . He chose teens to take over the revolution because he could brain wash them and the teens are the next generation and they are the ones that are going to take over. These teens and youth were considered the red guard. Zedong's ideas differed from those of Marx's and Lenin's because Zedong believed that the peasants would lead the revolution and it would happen in a rural country also Zedong made the youth take over the revolution . All believed that lower classes would lead it.


The reactions of the communists ideas and communism was very convincing to the people , many believed that communism was best for them and others hated it. We can see this in the revolutions of Lenin people loved him as well as marx but with mao zedong people had hate for him only the elders, because he made the youth take over.

Communism in Cuba

Communism is another country where communism has taken over. Communism there are both ideas of Marx and Lenin's put together. The leader of Cuba ,Fidel Castro, is a strong communist he formed the Communist party of Cuba . He led revolutions in Colombia and Salvador. Fidel was strict about communism he made everyone on the tiny island follow it . In the communist party no other political parties were allowed. Only doctors , agricultural technicans are able to leave the country others must stay in the isalnd. The lower classes would lead revolutions for there rights. We see this idea of Marx and Lenin of rich vs poor only the rich workers with careers were able to leave the country unlike the lower classes. Fidel has been running and leading the country since 1959 and became president in 2008.

My opnion

My opnion on communism was that is good to an extent. I believe that it is good to an extent because when it gives the lower classes right to fight for fairness and equality and we see this through out history rich vs poor. The rich always get and do what they want but the lower classes doing what the vs rich people want and that's not right we should all be equal. Doesn't matter if you have money or not. I agree with the people having power and having right I don't agree with there being some sort of dictator , why? because they will take control of everything and use there power for bad as we see with Hitler we see he is falling and needs someone to blame so he blamed the jews for corruption and killed them. I believe the better system would be some sort of republic and democracy put together. So the people could have the power and select their leader but if they do they should pick the better leader who represent them.

Paloma Corona March 10th, 2014 p.3

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