Facebook USA Phone Number To Block play Game Requests

How To block request to play Candy Crush on facebook

Feasible steps to block Candy Crush requests-

  • 1) Open Facebook and login your account
  • 2) Pull down your notifications tab from the top right of your home screen
  • 3) Hover over the X next to the Candy Crush notifications and it will prompt you to Turn off
  • 4) Click X and you will get to see the option, to turn off all the notifications of Candy Crush Saga
  • 5) Click Turn Off to get the job done.

Following these steps, you will never get a notification from Candy Crush as Facebook has banned it. You can also alert Facebook if you feel like Candy Crush or some other app is spamming you.

To ensure that the job is perfectly done, go to your notification settings and make sure that Candy Crush Saga app box is unchecked properly.

It may feel annoying for you to receive a notification from Candy Crush while using Facebook. To enjoy Facebook without suck hiccups, you can turn it off with the gives steps, but if you still feel any kind of unease, then contact Facebook Customer support Number +1-844-773-9312 and bid adieu this annoying problem.

For More Info Visit : www.fbtechsupport.com