Vehicle Engine Problems and How To Fix It

The worst thing that can happen to a truck driver or truck owner is to have an engine breakdown in the middle of the nowhere that cannot be repaired. The price for new engines for sale can be too high for some truck owners, but at the end it is the only option they have, so they need to deal with it.

If you want to prevent an engine breakdown, you need to take your truck on a regular mechanical inspection. However, the most important thing is not to wait for a breakdown. Replace your old truck engine at the right time. Engine replacement on time is the only way to avoid all those costly mechanical inspections that follow the engine breakdown.

How To Know When The Engine Is Not Working Good?

Excessive oil consumption, excessive smoke from the tailpipe, low oil pressure, knocking sounds, low compression, oil into the radiator or air cleaner, water mixing in oil, etc.

What Are The Typical Causes Of Vehicle Engine Problems?

One of the most common cause for engine breakdown is the normal mileage wear and tear, poor vehicle inspection, and maintenance, as well as excessive overheating.

If your truck needs major engine repairs, do not buy a new or used vehicle because sometimes disposing of your current vehicle is not necessary. If your truck is in good condition, replacing the engine with one of the many new engines for sale on the market is always better than replacing your truck.

What Are The Benefits Of Keeping Your Vehicle And Replacing Your Engine?

Choosing to repower your current engine with a new engine from the factory or with remanufactured – rebuilt engine is your most reliable and cost effective choice. Rebuilt or simply said remanufactured engines emit a very small amount of pollutants, they save a lot of energy, as well as conserve energy and resources required to manufacture new engines.

Remanufactured – Rebuilt Engine Warranty

Remanufactured – rebuilt engines are usually warranted for at least one year, or 19 500 km. Some engine remanufacturers offer 36 months of warranty and unlimited kilometers. Before buying one, ask your local service provider for information about their remanufactured – rebuilt engines and their warranty.

How To Find The Right Retailer?

It is crucial to take your vehicle to a reputable automotive repair shop or dealer as not all problems related to engine require engine replacement. Very often the problems related to the engines are not so serious and may only require minor engine repairs. So, before buying a new engine for sale, take your vehicle for inspection.

How Much Will It Cost You?

Repowering a car or truck with a rebuilt engine costs between $1500 to $4000 or around 10% - 20% of the cost of a brand new vehicle. However, prices can vary a lot depending on many factors like vehicle model, technician charges, and other related automotive repair services. So, before relying on one, you should contact multiple service providers and choose your best option.