Someting About ISO 14001

What is the ISO 14001?

Actually, ISO 14001 is an environmental management system certification (EMS). The ISO 14000 series standard is the international organization for standardization under the state council shall formulate the environmental management system standards. With the development of international environmental protection and the needs of the development of international economic and trade, ISO 14001 comes into the world.It is for global environmental pollution and ecological destruction is more and more serious, ozone depletion,  global warming, the loss of biodiversity and other major environmental problem which threaten the future of human survival and development. Nowaday, more and more countries pay greater attention to it such as the United States, Japan, China and Singapore. Especially, ISO 14001 Singapore gets a strong support from the government and companies also attach great importance to it.

The significance of ISO 14001 to the enterprise.

Enterprises to implement the ISO 14001 standard is to save energy and reduce consumption, waste, environmental spending as well as the cost of need. Through the establishment and implementation of the environmental management system can reduce the generation of pollutants and emissions, promote recycling and save energy as well as raw materials.

Moreover, it is to avoid the penalty and discharge, thereby, reduce the cost. In order to have a good long-term development of enterprise, through the ISO 14001 standard certification can effectively promote enterprise coordinated sustainable development of environment and economy so that make the enterprise to the long-term development path.The ISO 14001 standard, the positive influence to the enterprise is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1.Set up the enterprise image, improve enterprise's popularity.

2.Prompt companies consciously abide by environmental laws and regulations.

3.Encourage enterprises in the production, management, service and other activities to consider its impact on the environment and reduce environmental load.

4.Enhance environmental awareness of the employees.

5.Encourage enterprises to save energy, recycling waste and reduce operating costs.

6.Encourage enterprises to strengthen environmental management

ISO 14001 series standards in the final analysis is a set of standard management properties. Protect human survival environment is the responsibility of the whole society all over the world and each enterprise has the responsibility to try to minimize environmental harmful impact.

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