description of yourself.  

my name kelsi duhon and theses are the 5 sentences about me

i like to play vollleyball but i dont like to be in a team becuase am shy so i just play with my cousins sometimes my favorite color is blue  my favorite foods are chinese, seafood, pizza , fish, shrimp ,


9/1/14  what has been the most eventful day for you, since school has started

why ? well the classes are longer and the days seem longer too the day kinda goese by fast am already getting use to having 5 classese its better to me i think ,

9/4/14  why did you select the tutorial that you did?  becuase i think it would be better for us to learn more and so the teachers can help us mire

9/8/14 desecribe 5 things you yo learn/gain from this class


i thought the test was alright i only got 3 out of 5 right it was okay but i learned about how to use the ctrl t i still kinda get messed up on it but now that i know how to use it more i should be good at it a lil bit more  


11./3/14 black out showing the school that we can make the birdbowl week its that the school how they show there hawk pride  

11/3/14  blast them the past is about showing its like kinda like the 70s what they waer when it was there time  and its for bird bowl week

gender bender is kinda liek


what are you  thankful for ?

is my dad because he has done so much that i don't think nobody else would hes  always there for me i love how we have a relationship  like a friend he does so much for me that.  i am thankful for i know when i need him he will always be there for me even at the bad times i know i can  count on him for anything i always pushing me to do better in school am thankful for him still being here today.

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