By Melanie Adams

1. What I want to do when I get out of high school is to become a photographer. I want to take pictures of peoples families, nature, and pictures at weddings.

2. I would like to start my own business in Tucker County and also work in Elkins.

3. I need on the job training. I could also get a bachelors degree in digital photography. If I wanted further training I could get a masters degree.

4. I can get this training from people who already have that job of from Academy of Art University, and The Art Institution of Pittsburgh.

5. Some obstacles I will face reaching this goal is that I don't want to live to far away from home and having the money to pay for college.

6. I can overcome these obstacles by maybe taking online courses or finding a university close to home. For the other problem, I can start saving up now, get a job, apliy for scholarships, and take loans if I need them.

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