VENICA is Making
Good Science Good Business

You must have heard stories of new cures that have not made it to market as Big Pharma has bought them up and killed them?

Well as well as that, what you may not have heard of is the enormous amount of great scientific and development research and invention that sits within Universities and Research establishments and does just that - sits there.

The reason?
Academics and Scientists are great at what they do - but they don't do Business / Commercialisation.

Sometimes they manage to get someone else to do it, sometimes. The only realistic way to get this Good Science to people and make it useful for Society rather than only an academic exercise is to Make Good Science Good Business.

There is a whole group of people who are supposed to be doing this. It's called Tech Transfer.

But the Tech Transfer business was designed in the last century for last centuries environment and guess what - it is housed in Universities and staffed by - you guessed it - Academics.

These people are fantastic at Science and that's obviously a really good thing

VENICA is going to totally disrupt this business and the staid old slow financial businesses that feed from it.

Tech Transfer won't see this coming because they think they are in the Vanguard of Industry.

"Any company designed for success
in the 20th Century is
doomed to failure in the 21st."

- David S Rose

Society needs this Good Science now!

VENICA is using 21st Century business tools and techniques to
Make Good Science Good Business.

What do we mean by Good Science?... We mean Science that benefits Society.

We will use 10X techniques along with nurturing Bootstrapping and Lean Startup where appropriate. Alternatively we will licence partners to Make Good Science into existence and Make it Good Business.

We will leverage the Cloud and the Web using all the tools and Communications available to us to increase productivity and reduce costs.

We are leveraging the Crowd to create a Community of believers and supporters and seed a Movement to deal with roadblocks. The power of both of these should not be underestimated.

What do we mean by Good Business?

We mean Sustainable businesses that deliver good returns for investors but most importantly deliver Good Science to Society. They are a sustainable and thereby profitable enabler - a route to market if you will.

How will we fund it?

The Crowd / Community will help us with that along with an enlightened group of early round private investors.

Who will run it?

Currently we are running with our five co-founders. Myself and John Caswell active in helping Enterprises and Organisations with their Challenges and Opportunities working with Global Businesses to Start Ups and NGOs with our businesses Rushmans and Group Partners we are ideally placed to Design the ultimate 21st Century model for success.

Don Morris, Ron Johnson and Professor Greg Auner are the Science part of the equation. Originally working on a head impact model until teaming with Nigel and John. Their connections in the Scientific community and Gregs own research team and leading position in many scientific spheres gives us a superb insight and fast track to 'Real' projects Now.

Again our Community will help us but in the interim we are searching hard for people to join us and these need to be exceptional people. Right now we are looking for

Why are we the right people to do this?

We are not only the right people - it is the right time. We are the right people as we have the blend of skills, contacts and networks to Create the opportunity and bring it to life. It is the right time as never before have the tools been so enabling, accessible and cheap to do this. This is a real opportunity to totally disrupt an entire market and do amazingly good things for society.

We are the right people as we have the Passion that will succeed.

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