Curriculum Courier

For the Week of November 7, 2014

Thought for the Week

Education is the movement from darkness to light.

Allan Bloom

Professional Learning: Laurie O'Neill

Twitter: @LaurieCISD


Training dates are: December 3 and 4 Brock Training Room 1

February 18 and 19 Brock Training Room 1

June 17 and 18 location to be determined

Please register through Eduphoria. Materials have been purchased for each principal and assistant principal. If you would like for your campus leadership team (counselor, team leaders / department chairs) to attend, you will need to purchase the materials (using local funds only). Cost is $220/each….there will be a price increase on January 1st, 2015, so if you are planning to send staff members in February or June, you might consider going ahead and purchasing the materials now.

Please email Donna Johnson to order the materials and include your local funds budget code.

John Hattie’s VISIBLE LEARNING (3 day workshop)

Training dates are: January 5 and 6,

March 19

If you would like to attend this workshop, please complete the google doc by Wednesday, November 5. Cost is $299 + $75 books (local funds only).


The next meeting for all beginning educators (year 1 and 2) is Thursday,

November 13 at 4:00 in the CMS-West Auditorium.

CISD LITERACY Initiative (elementary)

Day 2 and Day 3 of this training is Thursday, Nov. 6 and 7 at the Service Center in the large training room. Day 2 will focus on Guided Reading; Day 3 will focus on Word Work. Campus principals are encouraged to attend, if possible. Please be sure participants bring their materials to the training.

Science: Linda Cook

This year’s Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST) is in Dallas on November 20th and 21st at the Anatole. We have several CISD educators attending as well as several presenting.

Content Specialists and Department Chairs for Science will meet November 13th from 4:00 – 5:00 pm at Lee Elementary. We will provide tours of Lee at 3:45 and at 5:00. The focus of this month’s meeting will be Pre-Assessments, Formative Assessments, and Effective Feedback. Please provide a time for your science content leader to share the learning with science educators at your campus.

If they have not yet done so, please provide a time for your science content leaders to lead science educators through a “data dive” of last spring’s STAAR data. Each content leader was charged with reporting back to me the campus strengths, areas of concern, and areas where David and/or I can best support science at your campus.

New Region 10 Science Professional Development and Networking Opportunities!

Expect More, Struggle Less: Targeted Intervention – November 4, 2014

Biology Boot Camp: Inherited Traits: Decoding the Mystery of DNA and RNA – November 7, 2014

Making Sense of Science – Force & Motion: Changes in Motion – November 18, 2014

Reach for the STAAR: High Quality Instruction – December 2, 2014

Making Sense of Science – Matter: Particles of Matter – December 9, 2014


We are now contracting with Republic Recycling for both our trash and recycling service. Campuses should now have both new trash and recycling outdoor dumpsters. Recycling will be collected once a week (at least at first). Recycled items do not need to be sorted. All recyclables will be deposited in the same receptacle for later sorting at the Republic facility in Ft. Worth. Materials included in our recycling program are:



Phone books

Empty plastic containers, #1-7

Empty aluminum and tin/steel cans

No Styrofoam, food waste, or tissue products may be recycled in our Republic recycling bins.

The Republic Recycling plant in Ft. Worth encourages field trip visits. They are located at 6200 Elliot Reeder Road, Ft. Worth, Texas 76117

Assessment: Debbie Youngs


The tutorials for STAAR A are now available.

If a learner meets the eligibility criteria to take the STAAR A, please ensure s/he utilizes the tutorial to determine preferred settings in advance of the assessment date. Choices include a large variety of accommodations, such as colored backgrounds, colored overlays, text magnification, and voice speed. Since the STAAR A falls under the same time limits as STAAR, it is important that the learner is extremely familiar with the available embedded accommodations prior to testing. A child unfamiliar with the available accommodations could spend a significant amount of their testing time trying out various options.

Training was provided on 10/16 and 10/28 for accommodations updates, STAAR A, and STAAR ALT 2. The third and final training will be held on November 11th from 4:00-6:00, pending an available location. Those unable to attend will be sent the TETN links to each of the trainings (approximately 9 hours) with questions to answer. Training is for all SpED and 504 staff, as well as the campus staff member who leads those meetings (i.e. assistant principal and/or counselor). Please ensure these staff members have attended or will be attending the training. Registration will be in Eduphoria. When the location has been approved, we’ll let those who have registered know where the training will take place.


The following website has many math resources for STAAR testing, including the test blueprint, the eligible TEKS, samples of the graph paper, griddable info, etc. GREAT TEA website!


This conference is February 12, 2015. Prior to February 2nd, the registration fee is $35.00. After that date, the cost increases to $45.00. The registration fee includes breakfast and lunch. If you would like to send staff members, the registration link is The cost will be covered by campuses.


11/4: CBE Grade Level and Course Acceleration (after school)

11/18: CBE and Grade Level and Course Acceleration (after school)

12/1-12/5: STAAR EOC Window for Algebra I, U.S. History, Biology

12/1: STAAR EOC English I

12/3: STAAR EOC English II

12/5: Last day for STAAR EOC English I and II makeups


Thank you for your time with the initial campus Needs Assessment. I will be contacting you this week to schedule a time to discuss beginning of the year data, which includes MAP, STAAR 2014, and BOY literacy assessments.

Weekly Smile

For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston

Intervention Services: Rhonda Carr

A “Dear Colleague” letter was issued October 21, 2014 which communicates how seriously OCR views bullying, and what process it will follow in dealing with complaints. This newest publication from Walsh Anderson delineates how schools should be responding to bullying reports and how, and by whom, bullying of students with disabilities should be addressed:

Mathematics: Mary Kemper


At the 10/28/14 Admin Meeting, I shared these various modes of communication:

o (email blasts - watch for [MARKETING]) — audience: math educators

o — audience: math educators & campus administrators

  • — audience: elementary math educators

Go Math & Think Through Math

Elementary Content Specialists and Middle School Department Chairs were named as Campus Administrators for Think Through Math (TTM). Since the state now requires that fewer people have the ability to add students to this program, we were requested to name one representative per campus. The link below provides a tutorial for TTM Campus Administrators. This was made specifically for Coppell ISD. It is an interactive presentation, meaning you can click through it as a normal Google presentation or you can click links to take you to specific information. We hope that this tutorial will help TTM Campus Administrators answer any questions that may arise.

With our new adoption of Go Math, we have access to Think Central for grades K-5. This is the digital resource for our textbooks. There are many resources and abilities within this system and this tutorial (see link below) is for Content Specialists to use with educators to show them the different resources and abilities within Think Central (or for educators individually). This was also made specifically for Coppell ISD. This too is an interactive presentation, meaning you can click through it as a normal Google presentation or you can click links to take you to specific information.

Finally, the link below also provides a Parent & Student Tutorial for Go Math in the form of a google presentation. This may be shared as appropriate through campus communication.

Please ask Mary (or Diana or Ashley) if you have questions about either of these resources.

Social Studies & CTE: Jon-Eric Ziaer


Social Studies

Veterans Day is Tuesday-November 11th. Many campuses have been communicating the many different ways CISD will be honoring the sacrifice of these brave men and women. Please encourage your educators to use Twitter to help share these experiences by using the hash tag: #cisdsocialstudies

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

The 7th Annual Coppell School of Engineering Expo was held this past Sunday-November 2nd . The expo organizer, CHS educator - Mike Yakubovsky, felt it was another huge success with a great turnout. The event featured guest speakers from Trend Micro, Exxon-Mobil and the Oracle corporation.

“Attitude doesn't determine if you will do it, but how well it will be done.” – Lou Holtz

Super Teacher

Submissions for the first round of Super Teacher are due by 4:00 PM on Thursday, November 13, 2014.

The Coppell ISD educator recognition program called "SuperTeacher" highlights the 21st Century learning environments, learning designs, and assessments that educators are implementing all over the district to transform teaching and learning.

Members of the CISD staff have the chance to nominate educators with supporting evidence of transformation. Evidence may include, but is not limited to, photos, videos and/or written descriptions. Evidence supporting the nomination can be submitted on the form linked below. Nominations should make connections to Dimensions/Domains within the CISD Educator Evaluation Instrument as well.

Nominations will be accepted online throughout the year, and Dr. Waldrip will personally acknowledge the best of the best during a special lunch!