Innovation Day:Vera Bradley

By:Katie Ray


Vera Bradley was created in 1982 by Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley.

They realized that they didn't see and nice and cute womens' handbags. So they decided to start their own line of womens accessories. The first factory is in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They both contributed 250 dollars (500 dollars in all) to start the company. In 3 years, the company earned millions of dollars.


Vera Bradley has many different products.

Some of the products are, duffels, backpacks, wallets, sunglasses, make-up bags,jewelry cases,umbrellas, napkins, place mats, luggage, phone cases, and even diaper bags. Baby products were added to the line in 2013.

Store info

There are over 55 Vera Bradley locations in the United States.

There are also over 2,200 employees.

Since their best friend died (of breast cancer), they started a line of Vera Bradley items supporting breast cancer.


There are many different Vera Bradley patterns like, La Neon Rose, Lola, Cocoa Moss, Marina Paisley, Sun Valley, Lili Bell, Go Wild, English Rose, Dogwood, and many more.