This describes a point because it has no dimension but a position on where you hit the circle.

This describes horizontal lines because it shows calmness and makes you relax.

This describes color because the rainbow cloth is very noticeable with its contrast hues against the dull blue background.

This shows value because the sepia colors get lighter and darker depending on how far the spot is from the light coming from the middle of the trees, also represent radial symmetry.

This describes shape because of the different straight and curved lines.

This shows form because of the 3 point shot technique

This shows space because of the open area around the castle.

This shows texture because her hat shows a rough hairlike feel, and her lips are crusty and rough also.

This shows balance because a seesaw's mechanics need inbalances in order for it to move

This shows radial balance because the spikes coming from the center of the bike creates the illusion of a evenly patterned circle

This shows emphasis because of the pointing lights showcasing the statue of liberty

This shows contrast because yellow and purple are complimentary colors.

This shows rhythm because of the shape of the wave creates a steady movement connecting with sight and sound

This is not example of proportion because his arms and head are too big for his body which makes the picture look funny

This shows unity because the men all have the same uniform showing a consistent use of design

This shows economy because it is simple and just a picture of a rose, the background is blurred to bring more focus into the primary object.

this shows asymmetrical balance because the 2 buildings shown are not even but show balance at the same time.

This shows symmetrical balance because if you fold the picture in half it would be exactly the same

This shows diagonal lines because the figure of the pyramid's contour is made of slanted lines

This shows a prism because the sides and point are equally the same

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