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About Vertical Search Works

Committed to connecting advertisers and publishers with the audiences that matter to them, Vertical Search Works (VSW) formed in 2009 with the merger of Firstlight ERA (Editorial Related Advertising) and Convera Corporation. This dynamic venture offers unique semantic search technology that fosters expanded response rates for advertisers and boosts ad profits for publishers.

With VSW FeatureLink, sponsors are able to create attractive ads that comprise topical text and striking videos, images, and logos. With an impressive list of leading web properties as clients and the benefits of daily traffic reports for both advertisers and publishers, Vertical Search Works clients enjoy growth in several capacities. Because VSW FeatureLink ensures a relevant product, advertisers no longer need to supervise and evaluate keywords. Additionally, Vertical Search Works offers geotargeting to further refine their customers’ market. The service further excels by operating in harmony with Google AdWords rather than conflicting with it.

In addition to supporting advertisers, Vertical Search Works functions as a valuable tool for web publishers. The company’s vertical search method directs user inquiries to a string of relevant websites and improves their online path, thereby fostering an uptick in loyalty. Many Vertical Search Works publishers experience a 5 to 10 percent boost in incremental traffic and 50 percent of VSW FeatureLink profit is shared with the publisher. Eliminating concerns such as channel competition and technical integration, Vertical Search Works strives to fulfill the publishers’ best interests. Publishers and advertisers interested in engaging the next step in their professional online pursuits are invited to visit http;//

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