By sirenade

Vertigo was something one always experienced while testing, at one time or another. And that lovely experience usually came with vomit at one time or another. The testers always got used to it. Well, the ones that survived. Those who didn't get used to it in time made fatal mistakes, and their judgement was severely impaired by the feeling of their heads spinning.

____________________________________________________________ Vertigo became a huge problem, and hundreds of (otherwise boring) hours were devoted to finding a solution. The first solution wasn't really a solution. Not in the sense as most know it, at least. The "solution" was to dilute the adrenal vapor used to keep the testers awake with caffeine. This diluted vapor would be released during the first few testing chambers, and would heighten the tester's senses. The idea was that it would help a tester get used to the vertigo. Of course, the caffiene made the feeling of vertigo even worse for the testers.


The true solution was to adjust the panels so that the tester would not have to fly as far, and then gradually increase the distance between the panels until the tester was acclimated. And of course, more promises of cake would be made.

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Hi. Read ep. 2 and 3 of chill diaries