South Korea

                                                 The South of Korea


In South Korea there is temperate climate which means it has 4 different seasons. The climate is similar to the U.S.A's climate.

      Summer: Imagine cold sweat falling down your face while you are shopping for                 shoes. Summer in South Korea is hot and humid. The temperature goes up to about          25.7 degrees, which is not that hot of a weather for people who live in the South               America and Central America. Some shorts and a t-shirt would be perfect for                     summer in South Korea.

      Winter: Winters are long, cold and dry in South Korea. The average temperature for         winter is -5 and -2.5 degrees C. You should expect snow in December and specially         in January.

The best time to visit South Korea would be during autumn because it is simply perfect.

Best Hotels

These are some of the best hotels in South Korea.

Grand Ambassador Seoul associated Pullman hotel

This five star hotel is amazing! The service is fantastic and there are many facilities to ensure you the best trip to South Korea. Depending on which room you choose the price and the size of the room will differ.

This is the hotels website if you want to find out more information:

Grand intercontinental seoul parnas

This hotel in Seoul, South Korea is another amazing hotel that I would recommend. It is a five star hotel with an indoor pool, fine dining on site and nearby, organizes banquets and meetings, super high speed internet, fitness room shopping and much more! Every room of the hotel offers you a luxurious style.  

Banyan tree club and spa seoul

This hotels exterior is amazing. The building is amazingly eye- catching and modern. Also located in Seoul, the heart of South Korea. This hotel is all about relaxation. To escape from all the trouble and stress and relax with the amazing spa. Many sports are included as well.

Tourist Attractions

Jejudo ( aka Jeju island)

Jejudo is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in South Korea. Basically it is an island very similar to Hawaii. It can also be known as the "Island Of the Gods". In Jejudo there are many different activities which you can enjoy while being there. Including: hiking on Halla-San( South Korea's highest mountain peak), catching sunrises and sunsets over the sea, viewing majestic waterfalls and lava tubes, Jeju Loveland, riding horses or just visiting the beach. Jejudo still remains as one of the top honeymoon destinations for South Korea.

Unfortunately Jejudo does not have a website yet.

Seoraksan National park

Its name might sound all weird to you but for koreans it does not. During autumn many people visit this national park specially for the beautiful colors of autumn that happen in the national park. The areas are divided into three parts. The inner part of the Taebaek Mountain Range is called the inner seorak. The other two major parts are called Outer Seorak and South Seorak.

Unfortunately this tourist attraction doesn't have a website.


This is a small city north of Ulsan and Busan. This city is actually referred as a museum without walls. Why is this? Well, it is because of the numerous historical sites in here. In Gyeonju there is this one famous temple called the Bulguksa temple. In South Korea it is famous as the place that was once depicted on its paper money. This temple is considered as a Buddhist work of art.

There is no website for Gyeongju either.

Korean food

In Korea there is no specific typical foods that I know of, but there are many different kinds of foods that you might find weird. In Korea there are basically things called "side disehes". Basically it is what it sounds like. You eat these side dishes with rice. A simple Korean meal would be rice with soup and side dishes. It is pretty filling! If you would go to Korea you would see a lot of spicy food.


Kimchi is Korea's national dish. During South Korea's involvement in the Vietnam War its government requested American help to ensure that South Korean troops, reportedly "desperate" for the food, could obtain it in the field;[10] South Korean president Park Chung-hee told U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson that kimchi was "vitally important to the morale of Korean troops" It was also sent to space on board Soyuz TMA-12 with Yi So-Yeon after a multi-million dollar research effort to kill the bacteria and lessen the odor without affecting taste. Source:

It might not look that apetizing but Koreans really like it.


Song Jook Heon (송죽헌)

In here you will find traditional korean restaurants which is hard to find these days.

Taking about delicious.    ( website not available)

To Sok Chon (토속촌)

This restaurant is famous for being famous. It used to be the favorite of the last president.

Once you taste its special soup called samgyetang you will be in love with the numerous flavors in it.

Si Hwa Dam (시화담)

In this restaurant you basically get to eat works of art. The owners basically run a food museum. They take Korean typical foods and convert them to eatable works of art.

Korean newspapers(in English)

These are some newspapers that were translated to English

Normally these newspapers are in Korean.


This would basically be what you would need to know if you go to South Korea. You could call this you guide. Thank You for Reading!!!!!

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