College Project #ACESL3

1. Letter of Intent

2. Embedded Video

3. College Application:

4. Letter of Recommendation

5. Presentation / Presi

6. FAFSA Form (Paper Copy)

                       Letter of Intent

Isaac Avila

12384 Tierra Laguna

El Paso TX, 79938

Dear: UTEP

Hello my name is Isaac José Avila and am a fresh man, and I'm writing this letter of intent so I can go to UTEP. UTEP was always my number one college to go because I love how they teach and how the college looks like. If I get accepted to UTEP I want to play football as a D line because some one told me to play that place and I agreed. You know who told me it was my favorite couch AC. That's why I want to go to UTEP and play football

            Letter of recommendation

Dear: UTEP

I wish to recommend Charlie as a future student in your campus. in the four I have known him, he has always been honest and respectful of others. he goes out of his way to help others students and being a good student himself,   

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2 years ago

This is due at the end of the period Isaac

2 years ago