VCR Vocabulary Set 5

By Bryson Getz

Obliterate (v.)
- Comes from the Latin root "littera" which means "letter"
- Obliterate means to do away with completely, wipe out, or to destroy.
- Various European diseases brought over by English settlers nearly obliterated the Native Americans, killing many by infection and leaving about a tenth of the original population.

The structures in Hiroshima were obliterated when the force of the atomic bomb's explosion blew them down.

Ascribe (v.)
-Comes from the Latin roots "scribo," "scribere," "scripsi," and "scriptum" which mean "to write."
-Ascribe means to attribute to a particular cause, source, or origin.
-Many of the paintings originally ascribed to Michelangelo have recently been found out to be the works of his unknown student and were not painted by Michelangelo at all.

The alphabet can be ascribed to the Phoenicians because they were the first to use a set of written symbols to represent different sounds.

Pseudonym (n.)
-Comes from the Greek root "onoma" which means "name"
-A pseudonym is a fictitious name.
- Many female writers in the 1900s published their books under male pseudonyms because a book would do better if it appeared a man wrote it because books written by females were not respected.

Lev Davidovich Bronstein worked as a political activist under the pseudonym Leon Trotsky to avoid the persecution of his family.

Nomenclature (n.)
- Comes from the Latin root "nomen" which means "name"
-A nomenclature is a system of naming especially in the arts and sciences.
- To understand the official nomenclature of the animal kingdom, one must first learn many of the Latin words used in creating the scientific names of the animals.

The nomenclature of viruses frequently changes as more is discovered about them and names need to be more accurate and precise.

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