All About Me
                Keandra P.

This moment was not only the moment that changed my world but it was also the moment that brought my family closer together.  It started the last day of second grade for me but the last day of fifth grade for my older brother.  Our relationship was the regular brotherly, sisterly "love".  We fought and argued but that last day of school changed everything. I woke up that morning everything normal, but the next thing I know we are all in the E.R. for my brother. Long story short we were in the hospital for a week learning about Crohn's and knowing how it will effect him his whole life. This impacted my life by knowing that my brother was always going to be like this and that I needed to be okay with it. This also helped me be a stronger and love my family just a little bit more.

In ten years from now I want to be a collage graduate from Oregon, be living in Oregon and working in the Oregon Coast Aquarium. I really want to work with the different animals but mostly the Sea Lions. Two years ago my family went to the Oregon coast in Newport and we went to the aquarium I feel in love. Ever sense then I have wanted to work on the coast at the aquarium.

I have always wanted to travel to Paris France. The Eiffel Tower has always amazed me and when I go into High School I want to take French to go to Paris someday. when my parents first heard about this plan they thought that I would lose interest in a year or so but now it has been three years and I still am fascinated with Paris and France.

When I left for UGM camp I was scared out of my mind. I was also really excited though because this was the longest camp I have gone to in over 5 years. It was a week long camp but I was going to be with my friends that were almost like family to me. It was about an hour drive but it was all worth it by the end of the week. When it came to Friday it was raining but that didn't make me feel sad, I was excited to go home to my family and tell them about the whole week.  

1945 by Jamie Grace is the song that once I start listening to it I cant turn it off. This song is about loving yourself and loving when you were born. She goes through this song singing about when she could have been born but in the end she realizes that she was born right on time. This song helps me realize that I too was born at just the right time to live my life to the fullest. It is also a really catchy tune and gets stuck in your head.

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