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You may know about Harry Styles but, after this you will know everything about him. Harry styles was born on February 1st, 1994 in Redditch, England to the parents of Anne and Des. When Harry was seven his parents got a divorce. While Harry was in high school he was in a band called White Eskimo with his friends Will Sweeny, Nick Clough, and Hayd Morris. The band performed at Battle of The Bands, school basketball games, and Evan a wedding(that was when Harry knew he loved to perform.) After that Harry auditioned for the British X-factor in 2010 and sang "isn't she lovely" by:Stevie Wonder in the first round and made it on to boot camp and sang "stop crying your heart out" by:oasis and was rejected and put in to present group One Direction, with members Louis Tomlinson, Zane Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. After that one direction moved on to the final round and finished third. Then Simon Cowell took One Direction up and that's when they made it big. In 2011 they had their song one thing hit 39 on the charts and their song what makes you beautiful hit number 4. In 2012 they had their song live while we're young hit number 3 , little things 33, kiss you 46, and one way or another hit number 13. Finally in 2013 best song ever hit number 2 and story of my life 6. That shows how much Directioners care.

I found this image of Harry from www.flicker.com.

fun facts

-Born 1994 February 1st

-Youngest of One Direction

-Loves sweet corn

-Favorite album 21 By:Adele

-Loves apple juice

-Old band performed at a wedding in June 2010

-Sister gemma

-Harry came up with the name One Direction for the band

-Knows how to play the kazoo

-Can speak fluent french

-Applied for a job as a life guard

-Favorite movies are action and adventure

-When Harry was a child he had straight hair

-Dislikes mayo

-The rest of 1D says hes the smartest

-When he was littler he was attacked by a goat

-Talks in his sleep

-Prefers tea over coffee

-Very ticklish

-Knows how to knit

-Dislikes reading

Here is a picture of Harry Styles.

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