Lauren Oliver

Protagonist: Lena Haloway (and resisters, sympathizers)

Lena Haloway is a seventeen year old girl who now has a new take on life. She, along with the resisters and sympathizers, is against the U.S. government and their ways.

"I'd rather die my way than live yours."

Antagonist: The U.S. Government (regulators, lab workers, guards)

The U.S. Government and everyone who works for them is said to be there to keep people safe and away from the disease, amor deliria nervosa. They soon become the very one thing that Lena despises; their whereabouts, rules and regulations soon become the very thing Lena disobeys.

" The regulators are using floodlights tonight."

The Wilds. Nobody within the borders of Portland ever goes near the borders where there is an electrified fence separated the city from the Wilds. Everyone within the city of Portland must be cured at the age of 18 from the disease of amor deliria nervosa and gets paired with someone the government matches them with. This is true for Lena Haloway as well, a girl whose mother was said to have committed suicide and now lives with her aunt and cousins, up until the summer after her senior year. This summer would be one to change her life forever.-- That summer after graduation, Lena and her best friend, Hana, meet a boy by the name of Alex. Alex works at the labs and attends college in Portland. Alex is cured and therefor it is allowed for the girls to be seen around him; uncured girls and boys are not allowed to be around each other or it is considered suspicious activity. Lena first saw Alex on the day of her evaluation, where you are judged in order to be paired with someone, on the supervising deck. Lena and Alex will continue to see each other over the summer in which Lena will uncover many secrets. Did her mother commit suicide? How many lies have been drilled in her head all of her life? Who really is this boy, Alex? These secrets can be found in Delirium.

Theme: There are many themes within the book depending on your perception of the book. The two themes that I have found in the book are love and fear. These themes are seen throughout the book in Lena's decisions and the choices she must make. Often when there is love, there is also a sense of fear coming with the choice of love.

"I love you. Remember. They cannot take it."
" There are more of us than you think."

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to mainly girls who are into romance with and edge of fear and surprise although there are probably some guys out there who would enjoy it. This book is one that will keep you guessing and always wondering what will happen next. I do have to admit that some parts are intense but it makes the book that much better. If you are not one who is into romance, then this book is not for you.

Next two books in the series: Pandemonium and Requiem

Tackk By: Victoria Fonte

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