George(Babe) Ruth

Biography project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Launguage Arts class
Made by KK

Babe Ruth was born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland and died August 16, 1948.

Significant Events in History that  Affected Babe's Life

  • Mr.Dunn sponsored Babe to play on his professional league team.
  • Brother Matthias (A leader at St.Mary's) taught Babe how to play baseball.
  • Babe Ruth got 30,000 letters in the hospital when he was sick.

Babe's Childhood

Babe Ruth's parents were always busy and he could never spend time with them. Babe was a trouble maker when he was younger and never wanted to go to school. His dad was always working and his mother was sick. Babe's parents decided to send Babe to a orphange called St.Mary's. This is where Babe learned to play baseball. He had a rough childhood until he made lots of friends.

People Who Influenced Babe's life

  • Georges Father wasn't very close to Babe and sent him to St.Marys where he learned to play baseball.
  • Brother Matthias was like a father to Babe and taught him to play baseball.
  • Slats was one of Babe's friend back when he was younger. Slats and babe always were getting into trouble and one reason Babe was sent to St.Mary's was because Slats was a bad influence on Babe.

Unique Facts

1. Babe Ruth grew up using a right handed baseball mit even though he was left handed.

2. Babe Ruth's real name is George Ruth.


  • Babe played baseball in the MLB
  • Babe broke or shared 61 baseball records
  • Babe hit 60 home runs in one season
  • Babe had 714 home runs in his career
  • Babe batted in more runs than anyone else.

The theme of  Babes life was..

The theme of Babes life is to never give up on something always keep trying it even if your not good at it .Practice makes perfect. I learned to never let your anger get to you and always try new things.

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