The ABC's of Culture


Created By: Johannes Tsigea

This is the map of Argentina. The continent is South America. 2  bodies of water is the south pacific ocean, and the south Atlantic ocean.

J for Jammin'

The tango (dance and the song) was orinigated from Argintina.

European culture has impacted Argentina's art and music strongly.

Younger people prefer Caribbean dances, such as the salsa.

This relates to the topic because the accordion was made from Germany, Europe. Also, young people love European culture.

M for Movement

Buenos Aries is the most important seaport in Argentina.

A small amount of the population rides motorcycles.

They have access to private cars in Argentina.

This is the Buenos Aries intersection. There are a lot of types of transportation, such as taxis and buses.

O for Outdoors

Soccer is an important aspect of daily life for a lot of Argentine's.

Barbecues are often held at a soccer game with a group of relitives and friends.

There is a major stadium for soccer in Buenos Aries.

This is a collection of Argentina's soccer teams. This relates to the topic because it shows pictures of SOCCER teams.

Y for yum

Pasta is the primary cuisine for Argentine.

A common food would be empanadas.

Ice- cream is a year round favorite.

Also, beef is very common in Argentina.

This is beef and it is common in Argentina. This relates to the topic because most Argentines eat beef which is food in Argentina and it is yum for them.

W for ways to have fun

Older people play chess.

Most people take a yearly vacation.

In their leisure time they enjoy watching television.

It shows old people playing chess in the park. This relates to the topic because chess is one way to have fun

Reflection page

one principle of culture is, principle 1. Principle 1 says culture is shared among a group of people. In Argentina most people have a barbeque usually when there is a soccer game, the barbeque has friends and relatives. Another principle of culture is, principle 3. Principle 3 says culture is learned or inherited. In Argentina, European culture has impacted Argentina a lot in music and art. European instruments, such as the accordion, is played in Argentina. The kids or adults have to LEARN how to play  the European instrument. I chose Argentina because of the soccer team Barcelona, and it's player Lionel messi. I love to play soccer so I wanted to chose the country with my favorite soccer team.

Refrence page

All of the information in this tackk came from culture grams. except the picture of beef it came from tackk(photos-search).  

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