BY Pierce and Bryce South 4-23-14

The etiquette rules for America in dinning are for example eat over your plate while eating. Also chew with your mouth closed. Another rule is you should use a napkin to clean your mouth and hands. These are the rules of dinning in America.

Now these are the rules for Iran. First of all you have to accept all food and drink offers, unlike America where you don't have to have it. Another dinning rule is you have to eat with ONLY your right hand. So you cant use your left hand for any diining in Iran, but in the U.S you can use left and right. In addition, in Iran most tables are set with spoons and forks only. So no knife or other utensils America uses. This is important to know because you don't want to be embarrassed in another country or possibly be kicked out. In my opinion eating with only your right hand surprises me the most of these rules because I thought you could use any hand while eating. In conclusion these rules are very important to know and are MUCH different then the U.S.

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