malaria is a bad diseases

Malaria claims the lives of 453,000 children per year—90% of those in Africa. That’s 1,300 kids who lose their lives to a mosquito bite every day.  

Malaria accounts for half of preventable absenteeism in African schools, causing up to 10 million missed days each year.Malaria also can cause lasting learning disabilities.

Malaria is most common in poor, deprived areas. In many cases, malaria itself is the cause of such poverty: malaria causes havoc on a socioeconomic level as patients are often bedridden and incapable of carrying out normal daily tasks, resulting in burdens on households and health services, and ultimately huge losses to income in malaria-endemic countries

we can stop this from hurting this kids

In villages where malaria is a lethal threat, we supply Interceptor® nets that stop mosquitoes and keep children safe. But the nets save more than children’s lives. With the dramatic decrease in infection, everyday activities like playing or going to school are possible again. A healthier, more educated population is key to reducing poverty. When mosquito nets help communities flourish, it’s because at BASF, we create chemistry.

Malaria is arguably the most severe vector-borne public health challenge facing Africa and many other regions of the world. Each year, malaria is responsible for an estimated 655,000 deaths. Children and pregnant woman are paricularly at risk.

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