Five Things to Avoid in Goa

Goa is a blissful beach destination blessed with white sand beaches, azure seas, and a pleasant climate that suits your mind and body. Thus, thousands of tourists in India and also the world visit this exotic place round-the-year.

Apart from the exquisite beaches, Goa is blessed with rich heritage of archaic structures and architectures that are marvellous and tempting for history lovers. From old Goa to new Goa, you can pleasantly take a walk through different segments of history, and yet enjoy a laid back experience.

Be it an adventure enthusiast, group of college kids, or newlyweds; Goa has something to offer to every kind of traveller. Yet, tourists report of suffering from issues owing to several conditions. Here are five things that you should avoid doing in Goa to preserve the amazing experience.

1> Avoid Taxis

Get out of those city boots and learn to enjoy the experience of walking or taking public transportation. Taxis in Goa are costly, and will force you to spend substantially. Instead opt for a bike or vehicle on rent; it is affordable and convenient.

2> Avoid Planning your own Itinerary

Plan your itinerary only if you are an expert, else go for package deals. There are several Goa holiday packages available in the market that will give you the best tourist experience at a reasonable price.

3> Avoid Littering in Public

Goa is believed to be one of the cleanest places in India. The locals are quite concerned about cleanliness and do not allow any visitor to litter the place. What’s more, you might have to bear tantrums from the locals if you spoil the place.

4> Avoid binging on alcohol

Alcohol is quite cheap in Goa. However, cheap alcohol does tempt people to indulge in binge drinking. This eventually causes brawls and fights, or drunk driving that will be injurious to you and others.

5> Avoid Ogling

Lots of Europeans visit Goa to enjoy the bright sun. Most of them are found strolling around the beaches and streets in skimpy clothes. Avoid ogling at women as it will invite trouble from the locals.

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