Jana Kobeissi's worthy photographs

By: Sudipita Maulik,,, Kolkata, India

In the picture, Indian women and men are in a temple, with bags, ready to catch food falling from the "sky." I picked this one because although its not entirely famous, it shows a lot about poverty and the lengths people would go to get food.

by ; Malgorzata Walkowska,,, Poland.

I think this photo should be famous because although all it shows is a girl leaping from the hay stacks, it kind of shows that you should always take a leap of faith and go for it.

by; Dorothea Lange,,, Cali

This picture, from 1936, is already pretty famous. It shows a struggling mother with her two kids in the midst of the Great Depression. It's important because it really shows how bad it was and urges us to think about past events.  

by ; Arthur Sasse,,, N/A

And, of course, the famous Albert Einstein. It says the Einstein was tired of smiling for pictures, so instead he stuck his tongue out. This was taken on his 72nd birthday in 1951.

by ; Joseph Nicephore Niepce,,, France

I had to add the first living photograph taken, although it isn't very clear. It was taken in 1827 and was the first photograph ever taken. This is basically the history of photography. It's supposed to be a landscape photo of his home.

by ; N/A,,, Utah beach, Normandy.

I think pictures like these, ones from past wars, are important so that they can remember what it was like and all of the deaths. I think that haunting pictures are the best way to capture bad decisions. World war 2,,, June 7th 1944. The soldiers were creating a triage.

by ; Sukri Celil Advan ,,, Ankara, Turkey ,,, August 23, 2013

I think this photo should be famous because it's a cultural thing they're doing and lately there has been a lot of religious discrimination and so i think people need to be reminded that they should feel safe.

by ; abc,,, the abc grounds,,, late February

This is a picture of zayn malik. it should go down in history because not only is he a) a god but also b) he left one direction and it is the beginning of the end. Although im glad he's finally happy.

by ; Thomas Bannenberg ,,, Philippines ,,, May 12th 2014

It's not just this picture that should be famous, but so many other underwater things. There is so much that people don't know. There are so many surreal things going on underwater and people just throw trash and there are tons of oil spills. I feel that if people realized the wonders underwater, they'd try to take care of the ocean more.

by ; the american red cross ,,, austria ,,, 1946

this picture is said to already be famous, but i picked this picture because so many people are taking things too fast and they aren't enjoying the little things. This little boy from austria was 6 when he received his first pair of shoes.

by ; life magazine,,, probs in space,,, 1985

Everyone knows about the first boy in space, but no one knows about the first woman in space. Anna fisher is known to be the first woman to go into space.

by ; adam bouska ; 2008 ; los angeles

This campaign should be more well known because it's a group made with people of all cultures and it's an activist group to get the hate away and it's a really good group.

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