Saint of the Gutters

Mother Teresa mothered the world.

Saint of the Gutters A story of Mother Teresa’s life

By:Anthony W.

If Mother Teresa never existed there would be millions of kids in India today that would be thieving and dying, but because of Missions of Charities and their founder Mother Teresa thousands of kids around the world have a home, good food, and clean water to drink. Mother Teresa is a humanitarian that has saved so many lives and touched so many others some that only lived for a few hours in Mother Teresa’s care but they were loved and cared for before they died. Therefore, I am nominating Mother Teresa for the Nobel Peace Prize. To win the Nobel Peace Prize you must have the best impact on the world and work towards peace in the world, and Mother Teresa definitely fits that criteria.

When Mother Teresa was a little girl she wanted to be a nun, when she heard about the Loreto sisters, she wanted to be one of them. She learned that she would have to go to Ireland to train and learn English, the Indian languages and to learn about the Bible. She asked the church for permission to leave and help the sick and the poor. She got permission and started her medical training and learning about illnesses and how to treat them. She traveled to back to India. When she first went into the slums in India, she was amazed of what she saw... people dying everywhere, and the people were just so poor they could not go to a hospital. The sick people could not afford the hospital, especially the kids. The children had to learn to steal or they could not survive. Most of those kids had no parents to lead them away from crime. In 1950 Mother Teresa founded Missions of Charity. The Missions of Charity is a Charity that MT founded and helps kids and people that are dying and are in need of help. When they started a new house, 6 or 7 sisters would go and set it up. The sisters worked with the sick, dying, poor and homeless.

Her work was starting to get recognized all over the world, sisters were coming to help out. She was getting donations from people all over the world. To most families that donated in person, she said, “I don’t want your money, I want your help.”. A woman named Ann Blankie and her friends wanted to help, but didn’t want to make the commitment of being a sister. So, they collected old blankets and supplies for Mother Teresa and called themselves “Co-workers” and all over the world “co-workers” started to pop up.

Through her later years she never stopped working, and doctors became worried. She also never stopped a policy that she had, person to person never with the crowd always one person. Hindu’s did not like Mother Teresa because when she would use space at the Hindu temples. They thought Mother Teresa was trying to turn the people into Catholics which is illegal in India. So one day a group of Hindu men surrounded Mother Teresa and told her they were going to kill her. She shrugged and said, “Killing me will only send me to heaven.” At that idea, the men stared at each other and ran away. She was very brave. One day a man was dying of Cholera, no one wanted to touch or even get near him Mother Teresa picked him up and carried him to one of the houses near by. He was cared for until he died. Later when they identified the man they found he was Hindu and then, Hindu’s started changing their attitude towards Mother Teresa. In 1989 she had a heart attack and received a pacemaker. In 1990 Mother Teresa resigned as the president of the Missions of Charity. September 5,1997 the bells rang at the headquarters of the M.O.C ,a tragic thing had happened. Mother Teresa was died of a massive heart attack. People mourned outside the church. Mother Teresa’s death was a great loss for humanity.

Mother Teresa’s mission leaves a positive mark on the world and the M.O.C helps the poor or needy everyday still. Mother Teresa deserves the Nobel Peace Prize because Mother Teresa Mothered the World.


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