Individualism is the way to go. can you imagine a world where you rely on everyone around you. One day you find yourself wanting to come together with nature. How will you think for yourself. Foremost, you need to learn about yourself, find out your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Leave behind your stressful responsibilities, enjoy a trip to nature. Study nature, how it works, you may realize what you think is far different from what you believed under society's influence. Question, why be what society makes you? If everyone is the same is the world special. You have your genetic code reserved only for you, be yourself. Most important the journey needs to be done by yourself, you need to find your way to you!


Beauty is man connecting with nature on an intimate level. A child can see a world far beyond you and I. Go out, feel the nature's aura, absorb it. Wouldn't you want to live with a child's spirit again. You to can become God by surrounding yourself in his essence, nature.

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3 years ago

How are glasses a form of beauty and we dont need nature because we we have books. so go sit in one of your trees and read the right way of life