What about omnivores...

We all have known about carnivores and herbivores for a long time. The one thing that many people don't know the meaning of is an omnivore. An omnivore is a human or an animal that eats both meat and plants. Many animals are omnivores, such as, bears, monkeys, hippos, ect. We as humans are also omnivores,some of us just eat less meat than others. Notice how we call the people that don't eat meat vegetarians, not herbivores. Humans were made to eat meat so there for we can not have the title of herbivore. Get the point.

Most people think of bears as carnivores but if you think about it, you had seen a few times how Winnie the Pooh ate more than just meat.What about panda bears they eat bamboo. I am pretty sure that is not meat. In my opinion omnivores are the best to be.

interesting facts...

1. you are an omnivore

2. vegetarians are still considered omnivores even if they don't eat meat

3. most of the world are omnivores