Bleona’s Next Step: World Domination

From a five-year-old singing her heart out on the Albanian show, The House of Pionieri, to belting out songs about female empowerment like “Take it Like a Man” and “FUIF,” pop star diva Bleona Qereti is now starring in her very own reality show entitled, “Euros of Hollywood.” The show is all about Bleona taking over the Hollywood music scene while continuing to amplify her efforts for world domination as the quintessential diva megastar.

“Euros of Hollywood” premiered on November 3rd with “We are Euros” and depicts a half dozen Europeans with big dreams and even bigger egos. The comedy reality series is a great stepping stone for Bleona to showcase to America not only her exotic beauty but her sharp-tongued wit and effervescent charm. Cast mates include competitive forces who are the perfect counterparts for Bleona to ping her eccentricities.

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