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A German killing squad was a group of (SS) Natzi units and police that moved throughout the Soviet territory killing any Jews that they came in contact with. Ukrainians, Latvians, and Lithuanians, helped these German mobile killing squads by  imitating auxiliary police. These people acted quickly, taking people by surprise. The killers entered a town or any cities no matter how big or small and rounded up all Jewish men, women, and children.


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The Einsatzgrϋppen would go into towns taking any Jew they came into contact with, lined them up in a line and murdered everyone right in front of the whole town.  The Einsatzgruppen  was formed in the spring of 1941. The Einsatzgruppen commanders was carefully selected by Heydrich from the best educated picked aside from the other Natzis. One of the major issues with this is they are murdering millions of innocent people for committing no crimes. Many of the Natzis looked at this as a sport.

Effects On People

Major effects on the people it had was devastating. Not only did it physically kill them but it mentally for some killed their faith. Even for the people who were not Jews that witnessed these horrible things a part of them died too. The people had extreme fear and in many of the pictures you see some parents are holding their children waiting to be executed.

How Was This A Problem

This was obviously a problem because these heartless jerks were taking many innocent lives of women, children, and men. The Natzis were killing mass amounts of people without cause and they were only following orders that the officers gave. Just the whole idea of these killings hurt more than just the Jew population. It affected many of the german families that lived among these people.  

2 Specific Ideas

Mobile killing squads stayed behind the German army and picked off many remaining Jews and disposed of their bodies. Most of all of these executioners were kind of like military police and the people they were executing were known as "Undesireables". The German police had parts in the Holocaust as well. Some of them burned and disposed of bodies while others killed all of the remaining Jews who weren't captured.

Anything Else

The mobile killing squads were pretty much devoted Natzis that hated the Jews. They called the Jews undesirables and killed any Jew that they came in contact with. They were basically the clean up crew after the army.  

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