By: Johan Tabanico

Copyright: Is a collection of rights granted to you by the author of a piece of work.

Public domain: Public domain isn't protected by any copy right law. Example: Say your english teacher is making you read midsummers night dream and she is making copies  of it, then it's not bad. But if she is copying a movies script then she is in trouble.

Freeware: Is copyrighted work that you can copy,use, or give away. Example: if you have windows media player then you can download for free on any laptop or pc. But if it's something you have to buy and you pass on with a flash driver then you are in trouble.

Shareware: Is copyrighted work that you can copy and share but only for a short time . If you want to use the full version you are expected to pay for it. Example: minecraft lite is free but it a demo, it's not the full version.

All rights reserved: All rights reserved only allows the buyer to use this he can't share it. Example: If you buy call of duty ghosts you can't share it.

Open source: It has a source code with the idea that someone by editing it he can improve it. Example: If you have firefox you can give your ideas to the person that owns firefox and give them ideas on how to improve fire fox.

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