Alex Key - The man who
re-interfaced the world

Alex Key was a busy and hardworking ICT teacher at a small school in Amsterdam when he had the business idea that would set him on the path to where he is today.

It is difficult to open a newspaper, read a blog or watch a business TV program at the moment without Alex Key, the business myth and self styled entrepreneurial legend getting in your face.

It all started in 2015, when while teaching a GCSE business class his mind wandered how and why PC's were so unwieldy and static as a resource. He envisioned a classroom, office or hospital where the hardware was invisible and the access universal.

Reading his official biography "Reinventing and taking control - Alex Key - How he changed our lives" - it explains the determination, initiative and risk taking Key showed to grow his business into the world domineering goliath it is today.

brain computer interface (bci)

Brain computer interface

Key realised that computing had to be led by the need rather than technology containing and hampering the goal of the talented and forward thinking individual. Through a mixture of luck, motivation, networking and sound partnering, he put together a prototype that interested the American military enough to get extended funding.

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