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The Haney Truck Line Group, Logistics

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Haney Logistics was formed in July of 2000 to help meet the expanding logistical needs of our diverse customer base. By forming partnership agreements and cooperative relationships with other well managed truckload transportation providers in our area of service, we are able to provide a variety of programs designed to meet specific requirements on a primary or backup basis. These cooperative relationships add to our resource capacity and improve our ability to meet a variety of transportation requirements while maintaining a single point of contact to our customer.

A relationship with Haney Logistics provides:

-Single truckload transportation source,

-consolidating invoicing,

-shipment tracking,

-standards management,

-communication management,

-the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing you are covered,

-expanded resource access.

For more information about how our dedicated services can benefit you contact a member of our sales team today!

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