Industrial Safety Gates – Advantages And Types Available In The Market

Safety gates are a common accessory that you can see installed in many places around the city. These simple systems are used for controlling the movement of people, cars and other elements through reserved areas. But they find much more meaningful application in industrial settings.

Industrial safety gates function in two basic ways – they either move to another position or pivot on their axis to allow entry/exit to visitors or employees. Generally, industrial barriers offer a single way, a double way or one person or object at a time traffic control. These gates come in a range of designs and styles and offer many features like alarm system integration, face recognition, biometric identification and more.

Industrial settings require much more than simple moderation of visitors. Many high level manufacturing facilities and laboratories make use of industrial safety gates with automatic identification and clearance features, allowing for the management to regulate which employee should be granted access to which area.

These gateways find use in a variety of applications. You can witness them being used mostly in airport boarding gateways where it is necessary that the passengers be properly screened and identified before they are allowed to pass. Boom Barriers are another example of industrial safety gates that regulate the entry and exit of cars with a pivoted gate. Other common examples of these gates include driveway gates, loading docks, double-swing, single swing, mezzanine and personnel barriers. In fact, you can even find cantilever barriers in the market in case your find the need for it in your facility.

There are many types of industrial safety gateways available in the market. They basically differ on the basis of their functioning. Types of gates include the sliding, staircase and platform types and even the roller and top hung varieties. The top hung industrial gates are also used as security shutters, which are the most widely used types. You can find them in all kinds of buildings, showrooms and malls. But their main application is to secure the entry gate of an industrial facility and will almost always be featured in every factory. Turnstiles are another format of safety gateways available that facilitate entry of one person at a time to a secure region at a given risky work environment.

When you look at industrial safety gates, you will also find much variety when it comes to the materials used to manufacture them. Galvanized stainless steel is the most common type used and preferred by people all over the world. But in case you find such need, there are also zinc plated, aluminium, cast iron, or carbon steel metal gates are available. Wood, composite materials, glass plates and carbon steel metal are other materials that you can find these gates in.

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