Dining Ettiquette in Japan

BY: Skylar Buendia and Madison Thornton

Before Meal- Before the meal, japenese people conduct whats called O-Shibori. To do this, wipe your hands with the towel that is provided to you.

Beginning To Eat- When you begin to eat, say "itdakimasu" which is basically bon apetit. After you say "Gochisosama Deshitu", you do not begin to eat or drink before the host. When you are eating, NEVER USE YOUR FINGERS!!!!!

Tipping- In Japan, they normally do not do tips, but on the rare occasion that they do, a 10% tip is good.

Chopstick and Dining Ettiquette- You should NEVER wave your chopsticks aimlessly. Also, you should not draw the bowl towards you with your chopsticks. When you are transfering food from a serving bowl to your own bowl/plate, you should always use the chopsticks provided to garuntee that the taste of other foods dont affect the food in the serving bowl or in your own bowl.

Paying the bill- If you went out to eat, then the inviter normally pays the bill. If the inviter/host does not offer to pay the bill, then rank normally determines who pays.

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