Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

G. Daniel


Alexander Graham Bell

The Telephone had a HUGE impact on the world. Today about 6.8 billion people use the telephone every day. 1.3 billion telephones were sold in 2013.


Christopher Sholes

The invention of the type writer revolutionized the the world. It made typing letters,newspapers, and books much easier. It also meant that anyone would be able to type a letter, book, or a newspaper section.


Thomas Edison

The phonograph changed the world by letting us listen to recorded sounds, music,   


Josephine Cochrane

The dishwasher helped people run restaurants easier and cheaper. It made is so that the owners didn't have to pay people to wash dishes anymore so they could earn more money. It also made cleaning dishes much easer and faster and anyone could do it.

First handheld camera.
George Eastman

The handheld camera made taking pictures way easier. You could take it with you wherever you went and could take pictures as you went along. Also it meant that you could take pictures of things that you couldn't normally get to with a normal camera.


First car
Charles and Frank Duryea

The car changed the way people traveled. You could go further distances easier, faster and cheaper. The car is still advancing today with new technology in automobiles.


First Light Bulb
Thomas Edison

The light bulb made life easier to see in the dark without using a gas lamp. The light bulb is still in use today and loved by many people. Without the light bulb the world would not be the same.

Modern day Sewing Machine

First Ele
Walter Hurt

The sewing machine changed the way clothes were made and sold. Now you could make clothes faster and cheaper. The sewing machine is still changing today.


First Elevator
Elisha Graves Otis

The elevator made it easier to get to the top of tall buildings faster. It was also easier to take big things up to higher floors. The elevator plays a very important role in society because their are building with up to 100+ stories and it would be very hard to walk up stairs all the way their.  

Grain Binder

Grain Binder
John Appleby

The original grain binder helped farmers all over the country for many years. It has advanced to motor powered machines. They make farmed life easier by making crop harvesting faster and easier and not having to pay people to do it.  

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