Art @ RHSS
March 9th, 2015

8:45 - 9:15:
Grab an Ipad

Handy Gestures and Shortcuts

  1. Double click the Home button to view all open windows. Swipe up to close applications
  2. When in an app, use all 5 fingers to pinch the window until it disappears to close the app
  3. Quickly search the Ipad for apps by swiping down on the homescreen to bring up a search field. Start typing the name of an application to find and open it
  4. Split the default keyboard to make typing while holding an Ipad easier by clicking and holding the keyboard button on the onscreen keyboard
  5. Have the Ipad speak selected text. To activate, go to settings and select speech in the General folder. Select the topmost option 'Speak Selection'. When one highlights text, along with copy/paste, there will also be a 'speak' option
  6. To lock an Ipad's orientation, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and select the lock icon.
  7. To quickly take a screenshot, click the Home button and Lock button at the same time. The Ipad's screen will flash white and the camera notification sound indicates the screenshot is successful. The picture is now in the Camera Roll

AirPlay and AirDrop

Airdrop is a feature on all Apple devices that allow direct communication between separate devices. Turn Airdrop on by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and selecting Airdrop -> Everyone.

  • To send files, open a picture/video and select the share icon
  • To receive files, simply turn Airdrop on and click 'Accept' once a file is shared

Airplay is a feature on most Apple devices that allows for wireless screen mirroring. To mirror your screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and select AirPlay. All available Apple TV devices will appear. Once you have decided which Apple TV you'd like to connect to, select it and click Mirroring.

Look for this Icon on your iPad

9:15 - 10:00:
Digital Notebooks

Students may use digital notebooks to document their process and develop rich, multimedia portfolios.

Both EverNote notebooks and Microsoft OneNote notebooks:

  • can be used to create free, shareable, cloud-based portfolios
  • may be edited and viewed from ANY internet enabled device
  • may be worked on collaboratively among multiple authors (students/teachers)

Start a OneNote notebook by visiting

Start an EverNote Notebook by visiting

10:00 - 10:10:

10:10 - 11:30:
Desire2Learn and Office365

Office 365 Mobile Apps for Students

Other Resources

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards refer to capturing ink and/or voice annotation in video format. Interactive Whiteboards can be used by teachers to:

  • Create instructional videos
  • Assess student work
  • Communicate with students, parents and colleagues

Interactive Whiteboards can be used by students to:

  • Capture their own learning
  • Create presentation/walk through videos
  • Efficiently collaborate remotely

Paperless Marking

Exit Tickets/Surveys

Online surveys are great ways to gain insight into your classroom with minimal effort / photocopying.

Survey tools:


  • Create QR codes for your survey (
  • Try developing a consistent survey that may be used every week. Results can be used to inform what needs to be covered, revisited or skipped the following week.
  • Have students develop surveys to quantitatively analyze products/ideas in class.

Video Capture (for Drama, Dance, and the 'physical' arts)