The Cuban Missile Crisis

     By: Marta Struve

Who- The US President John F. Kennedy, the Soviet Union with Chairman Nikita                    Khrushchev and the Cuban Government

What- The Soviet Union worked with the Cuban Government and put nuclear missiles in Cuba that could hit most anywhere in the US. This resulted in the Cuban Missile Crisis. When JFK found out about the missiles he called a meeting and planned a navel blockade so no harmful weapons could get into Cuba. When the Soviet Union refused to back down JFK thought he would have to have the US invade Cuba. The Soviet Union, the Cuban Government and the US secretly negotiated to take the missiles down if the US would not invade Cuba in the future and the missiles the US took down the missiles they had in Turkey, and Italy.

When- October 1962

Where- Cuba, US

Why- The Soviet Union placed missiles in Cuba because of the Bay of Pigs and that the US had missiles in Turkey and Italy that could hit Moscow.

Summary- The Cuban Missile Crisis was when the Soviet Union put missiles that could hit most of the US in Cuba. Then the US placed a blockade and were going to invade Cuba. They negotiated and the missiles were taken down.

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