By: Mary Grace Boatright

The Human Body

What They Do

-They diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses

-Typical Duties

Take the patient’s medical history

Update charts and patient information

Order tests for nurses or other healthcare people to perform

Review test results to identify any abnormal findings

design a plan of treatment

Talk through concerns and give answers  that the patients might have about their health

Help patients take care of their health


- Anesthesiologists, Family and General Physician , General internists, General Pediatricians, OB/GYNs, Psychiatrists , Surgeons , Allergists , Cardiologists, Dermatologists , Gastroenterologists ,Ophthalmologists ,Pathologists ,Radiologists

Work Environment

-Most physicians work in private offices or in clinics, sometimes they might work with a small group of doctors  

-You will see that more and more physicians are working in group environments now, such as group practices, hospitals and healthcare organizations

-Surgeons and anesthesiologists work in sterile environments for long periods of time on their feet  

-Most work full time, along with some irregular, long, and overnight hours

-When on call physicians may have to address concerns over the phone or even make emergency visits to the hospital or nursing homes   

How to Become One

-Physicians and Surgeons have to go through 4  years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, and 3-8 years in an internship or residency.

-Some important qualities include

communication skills ,compassion ,detail oriented ,dexterity  ,leadership skills ,organizational skills ,patience ,physical stamina  ,problem-solving skills

-After medical school most graduates go in to a residency program for 3-8 years, depending on their specialty

- All states require that physicians and surgeons be licensed, the the requirements vary by state

-They may take the  U.S. Medical Licensing Examination if you wish to become a M.D. or  D.O.s take the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination. If a physician or surgeon seeks board certification they may have to be in a residency for up to 7 years and after the residency they would have to pass an examination test.


-Physicians practicing primary care received a median of $220,942 and physicians practicing in medical specialties received a median of $396,233.  If you work it all out it means that they are basically getting paid $90 an hour.

Job Outlook

-The number of jobs for Physicians and Surgeons is supposed to grow 18% from the year 2012 to 2022

-As people grow older and become more aware of their health they will seek a high level of care that only comes with more jobs, better medical technology and overall better everything that they can get their hands on  

Similar Occupations


Treat patients with health problems of the neromusculoskeletal system

Doctoral or professional degree



diagnose and treat problems related with the mouth

doctoral or professional



examine, treat, and diagnose the eyes and other parts of the vision system

doctoral or professional degree

- Physicians Assistants

practice medicine under the supervision of physicians and surgeons

master's degree



provide medical care for the foot, ankle, and lower leg

doctoral or professional degree


-Registered Nurses

provide and coordinate patient care

associates degree



care for the health of animals

doctoral or professional



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