Everyday life on planet Earth

First, i wake up get out of my bed and start getting ready for school. School is a public place of learning required by the government for everyone to go to until you graduate. Which sucks, i brush my teeth, do my hair, take a shower, get dressed, and eat. Then i get in my car and drive to school. I walk to my first class then i go to my second class then i go to lunch. I have three classes after that when the bell finally rings I go home I get out of school at 3:54. I usually am always with one of my friends. I might go to a restaurant or a place where you can purchase food. If i feel like it i watch Netflix a lot, Netflix is a collage of movies and TV shows, movies are videos of actors playing a role in a part of a script. TV shows are actors playing a role for multiple episodes, and all of this is modern entertainment. I stay on my phone all the time throughout the day, phones is what connects everyone through the internet. Which is a good and bad thing. Technology connects us together more and we know more about everything and everyone but it can be abused. I get on social media, you can send texts, make phone calls, and get on the internet all through your phone. I just do whatever me and my friends feel like doing after school, when it gets late i drive home and go to bed. That's all i do on the week days i usually just do what i normally do on the weekends. My friends call me and we just do whatever we feel like doing there isn't anything in particular we do we just have fun.

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