Civil War

day 1 My name is Henry Smith I was a union sergeant and I lived in Springfield, Illinois and I had a sister name Emily, my mom name was Jane, and my dad name is Thomas.    

day 2  

I'm FIT AS A FIDDLE ready to fight. But in the mean time lets munch on some GOOBERS and tell what is going on.  It is hard to train fresh fish but not imposible they  are PLAYED OUT got to get them ready for the GRAY BACKS.  Not to brag I am a HARD CASE but not always the brigtest some times I am  WALLPAPERED. Well it is time to SNUG AS A BUG we have a big day tomorrow.

day  3

morning  union doing drills

day 4 we read 1 2 3 4 7 11  I think he should join so I think ill do better in that then taking care of  plantation.  

2.  I was able make my own for my self you m

3.  He wish he can help his mom get better and not sell  the land.

4.  IT was 11  what it with 10 thousand  it was hard to hair the  general   

day  5

civil war song : The confederacy are coming to take our land but we won't let them take our land we going to fight to the death and never give up. They're coming they're coming to Take our land and we wont give it up until we die. raise your weapons and fight and fight until your feet run out of might.

Dear: Mom

day 7  The camp site is in Pennsylvania.  It was horrible we had little bit of raciness The and they Where hard on  us they made  us do drill after drill after drill finally one more drill for the day. After drills we had to do chores and some where hard and some where not. If we didn't do what they you get punishd like have barrel on you, and make stand in a uncomforable   spot and get cramps from it.

day 6

At camps when we are not doing drills we get bored so we play  games like who pick out the most lice out someone  hair.  We did not have a lot of food we had horrible food it had to much salt.  The food would make are stomach growl and make us sick.  My only favorite food was bread.

day  7

When solider where sick  they would go to the doctor and Doctors would put there thumb on there chest and if they got up they where good.  When I was there I saw my friends get shot in the leg and his arm.  It was terrible all I can see is blood everywhere on the battle field.

When I go home I am going to hug my mom and wife because they supported me with everything never stop praying.  When I com home I will tell about the horrible stuff I saw and how I survived and most of all I will never lets my self go through that again.    

Going home

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