Romeo Santos

Kintrell McEachern

Romeo Santos was Born  July 21, 1981 . He is 32

Home Town -The Bronx , New York City

3 Facts about Romeo Santos-

1. listens and dances to "bachata" which is the poor and oppressed classes' means of expression.

2. He is Dominican Republic

3. started singing at 10

Discovered - On may 9 , 2011 . he became a member of the church choir. While the group performs in both English and Spanish, their work was widely ignored by the English-language media during the early part of their career

5 Important Facts-

1. released 1st single on may 9 , 2011

2. His second studio album Formula, Vol. 2 was released on February 25, 2014

3. He works with Young Money

4. he made a famous song with drake called " odio "

5. Worked with P.Diddy on tour

On Stage Singing With Usher
Went on Tour With P .Diddy
His Song He released with drake,that came out with A Hit everybod Love this Song

I Feel As Though He Sound like a Good singer but i choose these pics because just showing that he worked with These Artists .

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