The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Ryan

Life and Dignity of the Human Person

"Life and Dignity of the Human Person," means that everyone should respect others. It means that life is sacred and we shouldn't take away someone's life. We should try to prevent less conflict and have more peaceful ways to deal with conflicts.

The organization, UNICEF, helps protect the right of childeren in particular. It help hakes sure that they are safe and are respected. UNICEF helps many different childeren safe from disease, war, and more.

Call to Family, Community, and Participation

"Call to Family, Community, and Participation," means that everyone should have a fair life where they aren't treated unfairly. It also means that we should help others who suffer with unfair economic problems and other problems. It means that everyone  should be treated fairly no matter what they look like or their nationality.

This organization work to create equality for all. They try to create fair laws and stop bullying in schools. Most bullying in schools is because of what people look like. This organization tries to create more freedom for all types of people.

Rights and Responsibilities

"Rights and Responsibilities," means that everyone in this world needs things. Everyone needs food, shelter, education, and clothing. Everyone has the right to these things. This also means that we should protect people's rights to these things. We should also help others who don't have these things.

This organization "Stand Up for Kids" helps childeren who don't have homes, food, clothing etc. "Stand Up for Kids," specifically works on helping kids who don't have these things. This organizations help these kids get back on their feet.

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

"Option for the Poor and Vunlerable," means that we need to think about and help the poor and vulnerable in our communities. Being rich or poor sets many people in this world apart. We need to help the poor and show them that they have the same rights as the rich and can do whatever the rich do.

This organization is called "Do Something." This organization works to help all people who suffer with poverty. There are many campaigns that "Do Something" is apart of. Some of the campaigns they are apart of help fight hunger, some help give people school supplies, and another helps give them books. These campaigns make sure that people who are homeless of suffering with poverty have help.

The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

Everyone who works deserves to work in fair conditions. Workers should be paid a fair amount for the amount of time they work for. Workers should be free to make their own decisions about their jobs. All workers should have fair rights.

This organization helps workers have fair rights. It makes sure that workers continue to have rights when they work. It protects their rights and makes sure they are working in good conditions.


Solidarity means that even in a world full of war there can still be peace. Solidarity promotes peace in a world of fighting. We need to promote peace because we are all brothers and sisters and we shouldn't fight.

Pepeace is an organization that works to create peace. They do many things to create peace. They hav won the Ghandi Peace Award. Organizations who win the Ghandi Peace award show that they have worked hard to create peace. This shows that this organization works to create peace.

Care for God's Creation

"Care for God's Creation" means that everyone should respect what God has created. God has created plants, animals, and humans. We take care of God's creation instead of destroying it. We can keep animal safe and help endangered animals, we can also plant plants and many other things.

World Wildlife helps protect animals. It help collect money to help animals and takes care of endangered animals. This organization has many people all over the world helping them collect money and protecting animals.