According to the Pest Removal

The change in the environment so that people in the life everywhere to see a variety of pests, people are afraid they will affect your life, people need to be a pest removal. They tend to look for professional pest control company, but before that, we can also do some targeted to help reduce pest problems.


If you find that the number of homes ant more, in addition to the need to keep your home clean, you can also do some traps ant. The home of the sugar bowl seal, to prepare a bottle of soapy water, spray at any time. A lot of ants hate the cucumber, you can cut some bitter cucumber meat or placement of peppermint tea bag into the nests of ants. Most ants are foraging at night. Night Light You can leave some low wattage, destruction and stop their actions.


Mites are everywhere, mattresses, furniture, clothing, bookshelf, some people allergic to mites and because of asthma and other diseases. Detergent and commercial products in addition to mites and no effect, you can use the high temperature cleaning items for mites. In the room as far as possible to reduce the plush toys, carpets and other items, if any, you should not use hot water to disinfect them regularly.


Diatomite is against cockroaches good stuff, it can be safe and harmless to kill cockroaches, especially in some secret place, and it will not cause any pollution and harm. Mint is a good smell of pest removal plant, it is harmless to human and animal, but hates the smell of cockroaches. Soap and water are a good thing. Its chemical composition can be toxic to cockroach. Place boric acid in cockroach nest, cucumber and garlic, which can effectively kill the cockroaches.


The flea of pets, you need to regularly clean your pet. Mild soap is a poison. Citrus is a natural threat to flea, lemonade, lemon peel and lemon oil can help your pet kill fleas. Add yeast and garlic or Pingguo Cu in pet food, but if the pet is a cat, you can't do that. Trap and articles of cedar can prevent fleas, you can also buy some flea powder in pest removal. Some plants such as Daisy can also release some of the pest threat but harmless to humans and pets smell.

You can have a special smell of plants grown at home, violet, simplification, Jin Zhanju, lavender, mint. Some have pungent spices are also helpful for pest removal -

, garlic, pepper, clove etc.. Soap and water can eliminate many insect pests, carry a bottle of spray, when you encounter pests, spraying is the most effective way.

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